• Historic Trivia Contest starts in The Bradford Era
  • April 24th Old Time Movies about Bradford at the Main Street Movie House


  • May 14th "Crook Farm School Program" begins
  • May 27th Landmark Society participates in the Memorial Day parade "Walking Through History"


  • Historic Trivia Contest ends in The Bradford Era
  • Ride on the Foster Brook & Stateline Railroad (Members only)
  • School Program draws to a close.


  • July 7th "Patriotic and Popular Music Program" at the Crook Farm
    • Winner of Trivia Contest announced
    • Tubbers and ice cream will be sold
  • July 27th 6th annual "Best of the Creative Women Workshop" held


  • August 24th & 25th 40th annual Old Time Music and Crook Farm Country Fair


  • "Creative Children's Workshop" fun day at the Crook Farm, ages 6 through 12. Date to be announced.


  • Oct. 11th "Music Through the Years", presented by John and Heather Kearns at the First Presbyterian Church


  • Nov. 6th, 13th, and 20th"Seminar Lecture Series", various speakers scheduled.


  • Dec. 8th "Second Annual Christmas Cookie Bake Sale"
  • Dec 20th "Annual Open House" at the Herbig Bakery
  • Dec 31st "First Night 2020" at the Herbig Bakery

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PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE January Thaw......Tunes, community, dance, food to warm up your heart!

FRIDAY JAN 11, 2019 Concert, Workshop, Jam & Potluck
Bank Bldg @ the Crook Farm
476 Seaward Ave.
Bradford, PA 16701

Admission: Suggested Donation for workshop $20 concert $10 - $20 (both $25) Jamming & Potluck free.

Eloise & Co., based in Brattleboro, VT, and Syracuse, NY, is a powerhouse trio currently touring the country to perform at concerts, contra dances, French folk dances, and festivals. Becky Tracy, Rachel Bell, and Andrew VanNorstrand crank out driving Celtic reels, achingly beautiful waltzes, gritty French groove tunes, jovial French Canadian melodies, and exciting originals, all delivered with just the right balance of precision and raw energy. These three seasoned performers also delight in crafting fresh new arrangements of old traditional songs, often inviting the audience to sing along. Their debut CD, “More, Please!” was released in July, 2018, and has quickly garnered praise and popularity among listeners from many different walks of life. You are invited to come and experience, up close and personal, the magic and joy that this trio feels when playing together. Please join us!

Eloise & Co.: Becky Tracy: fiddle, octave fiddle, vocals Rachel Bell: accordion, piano, vocals Andrew VanNorstrand: guitar, vocals

Visit these websites: Rachel Bell Music and Black Isle Music

Sample from CD and Youtube



3:00 PM - Open OldTime / Northern Jam session (w/some courtesy to OT Banjo players who would like to stay in one key for more than one tune).

5:00 PM - Potluck sponsored by the Landmark Society. The society will provide Chicken, Pizza, Coffee & Water provided. Bring Side dishes or Desserts.

6:00 - 7:00 PM - Workshop… Eloise will teach a simple (square) French Dance tune from either Brittany or Central France (distinct from French Canadian music in that these tunes are from France, across the pond). At the end of the workshop they will demo the dance that matches the tune & get people up dancing to this traditional tune with Workshop attendees playing.

7:30 - 9:30 PM - Concert ELOISE & CO.

? 9:30 - ?? Open Jam. Songs, Tunes, if the energy is still there!

More info: Howard Blumenthal


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Please use the mailing address: P.O. Box 1021, Bradford, PA 16701. There is no mailbox at the Crook Farm Homestead on Seaward Ave and the East Corydon Street address is not to be used except for large packages.

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