Bradford, McKean County, Pennsylvania

What is the Bradford Landmark Society's Connection With Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford, PA?

There has been some confusion as to the role the Bradford Landmark Society plays in the operation of the Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford, PA. Simply stated, the Bradford Landmark Society is not involved in the operation of Oak Hill, either financially or directing their Board. The Society happens to have more information on Oak Hill, Bradford, PA than other cemeteries, thus the need for this separate page. The organizations do not share funding. The Bradford Landmark Society is classified 501 (c)(3) while the Oak Hill Cemetery Association is classified 501(c)(13) a distinct non-profit category for cemeteries. Only the cemetery receives some monies from the McKean County Veterans Dept. for the upkeep of veterans graves and occasionally from the City of Bradford to help with the costs of the Firemen's plot, however, neither organization receives monetary support from the State of Pennsylvania, nor the Federal Government. The Bradford Landmark Society does not receive funding from the City of Bradford.

The Bradford Landmark Society is pleased to feature the Oak Hill Cemetery Association on this website and encourages you to support their efforts as well as the efforts of all area cemeteries.


    • Lot Layouts for Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford, McKean County, PA are now posted on Findagrave. Thank you Rick Farrell!

If you require obituaries for persons interred in Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford, PA, the Bradford Landmark Society will continue to provide that information as detailed here. At any given point in time, you may notice that individuals employed or volunteering with the Bradford Landmark Society also volunteer their time with the Oak Hill Cemetery Association.

    • If you need further information we may be able to help you at the Bradford Landmark Society.
    • Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford, PA is located in the City of Bradford, not Bradford Township
    • There is an Oak Hill Cemetery in Eldred, PA. We do not have lot layouts for that location.

Video of Oak Hill Cemetery by Angela Nuzzo

The Oak Hill Cemetery Association Community Mausoleum visitation procedure is by appointment only. Due to the location of the structure it is not possible to leave it unlocked and unattended. Please contact the Oak Hill Cemetery Association to request an appointment. Allow at least 24 hours notice so arrangements can be made to have a volunteer available to meet you. Thank you.