Like any non-profit group, the Bradford Landmark Society welcomes donations to our organization. Monetary gifts are always welcome, and help to defray the costs of operating our facilities, both at the Historic Crook Farm, and at our headquarters, the Herbig Bakery.

However, from time to time we welcome other, more tangible gifts such as

  • Photographs of the Bradford area. We have an extensive photographic database and are always looking for new additions to the collection.
  • Histories of local organizations, clubs and societies, including minute books, journals, events, and flyers.
  • Memorabilia of local businesses, stores, and industries, such as letterheads, catalogs, photographs, scrapbooks, artifacts, etc.
  • Scrapbooks of the local area; Evening Star and the Daily Record newspaper, Bradford News newspapers, Smethport Miner, Bradford Herald, Bradford Journals, and any other newspapers of limited run or time period. We do not need any Bradford Eras at this time.
  • School yearbooks, including Bradford High School The Barker, The Tunungwant, The Blue and White; Central Christian The Rambler, St. Bernard's , The Gist and The Bernardian, The Bradford School of Nursing The Gusher, Fretz Junior High School The Falcon, and School Street Junior High School The Antler.
  • Local magazines and publications, such as The City Limits, or Bradford Hospital's The Pulse.
  • Blueprints of local buildings.
  • Maps.
  • Books on Local History.
  • Unique artifacts indigenous to the Bradford area, such as railroad and oil artifacts.
  • At this time, we do not need any wax, clothing, quilts, bibles, hats, shoes, furniture, or personal histories not directly related to the Bradford area.

The Bradford Landmark Society reserves the right to accept, to use, to transfer, or to display at our discretion; in addition, donors will be required to waive all present and future rights in, to, or over said property.

Monetary gifts are sincerely appreciated and gratefully accepted. Thank you for your support.